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24X7 MRS is a highly automated, HIPAA-compliant medical transcription service.

24X7 MRS allows physicians to record dictations using digital recorders or by using a toll-free telephone line. Transcriptions are completed within 24 hours, but physicians may select a priority service for a 12-hour turnaround. The 24X7 MRS service is available 24 hours a day. It is highly reliable, using secure server communications. Medical Record Support complies with all relevant HIPAA requirements.

Physician Dictation Options
Administrative Controls
System Security

Physician Dictation Options

Physicians can choose from two recording options

Recording Option 1: Physicians "check out" a recorder, record their dictation, and return the recorder to a central location. Physician or Secretary can upload dictation directly from PC. The recorded files are then transferred (uploaded) to our server.

Recording Option 2: Physicians call our toll-free number and record directly to our server over the phone. The telephone keypad allows recording functionality. There is absolutely no possibility of losing file between recording and uploading.

Administrative Controls

Administrators have complete control to track the progress of every submitted dictation. The status of every submission can be seen on one screen - in real time! Completed transcriptions are named with the patient's name, so identification of individual files is a snap. Our optional thin-client software automatically downloads every transcribed file.

Upon completion we encourage physicians and administrators to rate the quality and accuracy of each transcription. On a quarterly basis you will receive "Quality Assurance" reports which summarize the ratings reported.

Administrators may review their account online so that they can see how many transcriptions were completed, the size of each and what the account balance is. Even payments for the service can be made online.  


Voice files are transcribed based on a user-supplied priority. Our regular service is 24-hour turnaround and our priority service is 12-hour turnaround.

Every dictation is transcribed by highly trained and certified Medical Transcriptionists using optional user-specified formats. Every transcription is checked for accuracy by our Quality Assurance team that is led by medical professionals.

System Security

24X7 MRS uses high capacity database servers that are completely secure. We comply with the security requirements defined by HIPAA. Every transmission is encrypted using Verisign SSL and our systems are protected by a firewall with Internet Authentication Service(IAS). Only authorized users may access the 24X7 MRS system.

The system automatically tracks every submission, insuring that nothing can be lost or forgotten. All data is stored using industry standard SQL servers.

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